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Consumer Law for Tourists

Capa do Guia
Welcome to the Paraná State

Guidance to the tourist consumer

In Brazil, consumers' rights are regulated by Law 8078/90, which is applied in relations between those who sell products and services (supplier) and who buys them (consumers).

It is the right of every consumer to receive information clearly. Products and services should bring information easy to understand and can´t present problems for health and consumer safety.

The consumer has the right to refund for damages in case there are problems with inappropriate products or services.



Ilustração de hotel» The contract must include everything that was negotiated.

» If the negotiated conditions are inadequate, the consumer may require the offer fulfillment, accept other equivalent service or cancel his reservation and receive the refund.

» The daily price and other services must be displayed at establishment´s front desk.

» The moment you check in, you must be informed about the check-out schedule, if breakfast is included in the daily rate and also about the price of the additional services as safe rental and parking.

» Any value paid in advance shall be deducted from the total charged at checkout.

» It is important to check for broken objects or appliances in the apartments. In case of damages, they should be replaced or repaired. If they are in no condition to be repaired, you must be accommodated in an equal, or greater, room, or receive a discount on your daily rate.

» Catalogues and folders with information on additional services, such as laundry and Wi-Fi, should be available in the rooms in addition to fridge´s menu and room service.

» All establishments should maintain a book in wich all complaints must be registered.


» The consumer always should observe the hygiene of restaurants, cafeterias, cafes and bars, and especially the clean condition of tables, desks and uniforms of the staff.

» It is important to pay attention to the packaging of the products served or sold. If the package presents any damage don´t buy, because there may be contamination and serious health risks.


Ilustração» The restaurants should inform clearly the amounts charged on the property, including additional charge if there is live musical performance or shows.

» Payment for appetizer is optional, so the consumer is not obliged to pay.

» It is common practice to charge the percentage of 10% of the total bill as gratuity to the waiters. However payment is required and the consumer can refuse to do so.

bafômetroAlcoholic Drinks

» In Brazil there’s a rigid restriction about consuming alcohol before driving. The equipment called breathmeter (device that detects the amount of alcohol in blood) works as evidence of intoxication in addition to driver videos footages of security cameras, and witnesses reports. The sale of alcoholic beverages to people under 18 is prohibited.


» Avoid handling cash in public. In addition, tourists should avoid exchange dollars or other international currencies with unknown people. Search for exchange stores or banks.

Ilustração de dinheiro


» Banks must provide the necessary conditions of efficiency and security for the customers.

» Be careful when using credit cards in ATMs and other establishments. It is important to check if the card returned is the same you delivered to the seller.

» Tourists should avoid withdrawing money in desert places. Opt for indoors and busiest places to do so. The amount withdrawn must be checked and transaction receipt must be kept.

Ilustração de dólarExchange

» Only exchange money in specialized establishments or banks. It is important to check the conversion rates, which fluctuate according to the chosen locations.

» You can get information exchange and currency at 0800 979 2345 / www.bcb.gov.br/faleconosco

Travel Agencies

» All agencies in Brazil are required to be registered with the Ministry of Tourism.

» By signing a contract, it is important to make sure that all services have been detailed. The Travel Agency is responsible for all services included in the package tour.

Tour Guides

» Beware of people who present themselves as guides. The professionals must be registered and carry personal identification cards issued by the Ministry of Tourism.

» For more information on agencies and tour guides access: www.cadastur.turismo.gov.br

Ilustração de Turistas


Ilustração de táxiTaxi

At airports and bus stations you must use taxi services offered by cooperatives and companies. At the hotel, you can ask the staff to call a taxi service.

» It´s always important to consult the company or the taxi driver about payment methods, as those vary according to the city, the route and schedule. At the end of the route, receipt should be required to identify the taxi.

» If service is inadequate, you must take note of the vehicle number and model and also of the identification of the card fleet - which is usually indicated on the door - for further complaint with the competent organs, such as Procon-Pr.

» Some taxis accept payment by credit or debit card. It is important to require information before starting the route.

Ilustração de aviãoAirplane

» The flight must be confirmed 48 hours before you leave to the airport.

» For domestic flights, passengers must arrive at the airport at least one hour in advance; for international flights is necessary to arrive two hours before departure.

» It is also important to consider traffic jam in cities when planning your route.

» According to Brazilian law, the airline has to provide assistance to passengers in the event of delays, cancellations or other reasons, such as operational problems that may threaten the safety, aircraft exchange or overbooking.

» If the flight delays, passengers have some garantees, such as:
• From an hour: communication (Internet, phone calls);
• From two hours: food
• From four hours: accommodation or hotel accommodation (if applicable) and transfers from airport to hotel.
he ones who are in their place of residence shall receive to his residence, and from there to the airport.
Ilustração de malas» Upon arriving at the destination airport, any problem with the luggage should be reported immediately to the airline, by fulfilling the Baggage Irregularity Report (IBR). If the baggage is not found, the passenger is entitled to compensation.

» You can track arrivals and departures through the site:
Phones: 0800 725 4445 (service in Portuguese: option 1; English: option 2; Spanish: Option 3)

Problems with air transport and information about passenger rights visit: www.anac.gov.br/faleanac

Transport by Bus

» The passenger can give up the trip and receive back the amount paid, or reschedule the pass to another day and time, as long as he communicates it within a minimum of three (3) hours before the time of departure.

» The passenger can dispatch a bag to the limit of thirty (30) quilos in the trunk and another one that fits properly inside the vehicle, provided they do not compromise the safety and comfort of other passengers.

» The company is responsible for loss or damage of volumes transported in the trunk, upon proof by the passenger.

Complaints and informations can be made through the site:
» National Transportation Agency (Agência Nacional de Transportes Terrestres - ANTT):  http://www.antt.gov.br/

Information about Bus Transportation: www.rodoviariasbr.com.br

Ilustração de ônibus

Car Rental

» It´s important to check the condition of the vehicle before leaving the rental agency as scratches, dented, beat, flashlights, documents, the amount of fuel and mileage (some contracts are charged per mile).

» Be careful with the security aspects offered on a rental car contract like requiring credit card number.

» Check about insurance and their respective coverage, including against third parties.

Ilustração de veículo locado

Car Watchers

There are people who take care of cars in parking spots on the street. Keys should never be left with strangers and strangers should not be allowed to maneuver the vehicle. The ideal is to use a parking facility, which is usually charged by hour.
Guardadores de carro

To complaint for your rights

» Always keep receipts and all documents relating to the product/service, as offers and contract.

» Looking for friendly solutions with supplier, documenting your contacts. If there is no agreement, look for agencies that can help you and report the supplier to the authorities.


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